Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Fireworks 2021 Update (New Items And Details You Should Know)

There are so many new exciting items and features for the summer fireworks! Let's go over them in detail!

Summer Fireworks are a wonderful series of events that happens every Sunday evening in August starting at 7 PM where you can watch fireworks with your villagers! As a short recap, Isabelle will talk about the summer fireworks in her morning announcements and give you a bopper to wear. You can also ask Isabelle to use custom designs for firework designs, which lets you personalize the fireworks that appear in the sky on your island! We highly suggest using the search feature on the Custom Design Portal, as it makes it super easy to find particular designs you might want.

Isabelle giving Crossing Channel a bopper to wear
Custom Design Portal Search Function
Crossing Channel asking Isabelle to change the fireworks

Now, let’s talk about the new exciting items added for this event and how they work! In general, there are three new kinds of items added – cotton candy, popsicles, and boba! Also, your character can eat all of these items. To get these items, you must buy them from the raffle that Redd holds from his little cart in the Resident Services Plaza, but it seems like if you have never had these items before they should be the first items you win from the raffle. To eat these items, all you need to do is equip them like you would a tool and press the A button.

Crossing Channel buying a raffle prize from Redd
Crossing Channel eating a popsicle
Crossing Channel drinking boba
Crossing Channel eating cotton candy

Another fun feature about these new items is that when you eat them, you increase your energy meter! Unfortunately, these items are completely consumable in 3 bites or sips, but this could be a very helpful and fast way to gain energy for moving trees while decorating since you can just press A while these items are equipped.

Crossing Channel eating cotton candy and with energy meter shown

One thing Redd will warn you about when first buying popsicles and boba is that if you trip, you destroy the item. However, tripping while holding cotton candy does not destroy the cotton candy so you can safely run around while holding them. To trip, you have to be running while wearing the King Tut Mask. The King Tut Mask is a DIY recipe item that you learn how to make by finding a golden nugget from hitting a rock using either a shovel or an axe (use the shovel to do this faster and get more items from the rock). You can trip while holding balloons that you can buy from Redd or Nooks Cranny sometimes, but you cannot hold a balloon and a food item at the same time. A nice detail that Nintendo included is that when you trip while holding these items, the color of the debris from falling will match the color of the food item you are holding. Feel free to test this out yourself!

Crossing Channel tripping while holding cotton candy
Crossing Channel tripping while holding boba strawberry tea

Be sure to update your version of the game to play with these fun new items!

Video from Crossing Channel on YouTube

What do you think of the new items for the summer fireworks? Are you going to be playing this event?


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