Animal Crossing: New Horizons Major Museum Glitch Fixed! (ACNH 1.11 Update)

This new Animal Crossing 1.11 update fixed a major glitch involving finding villagers in the museum! Let's discuss!

In the April update, there was a major bug in the game where villagers would not show up in the museum, making them impossible to find on your island. However, it seems like Nintendo has fixed this problem in this 1.11 Update!

Previously, we discussed this bug in a video where we explained that it is usually relatively easy to find villagers as they are only in a few buildings (their homes, Nooks Cranny, Able Sisters, and the museum) or outside. However, in April, villagers would seemingly disappear since they were supposed to be in the museum but would no longer appear.

Video by Crossing Channel on YouTube

Now that the 1.11 update is out, it looks like villagers can once again be seen in the museum admiring the different exhibits. It has been so long since we have been able to chat with them here, so it is very exciting to revisit some of the museum dialogue again! Being able to find your villagers in the museum is still a relatively rare occurrence since villagers spend most of their time outside or in their homes, but it is still really nice to see this feature return! Currently, this bug fix is not mentioned in the patch notes, but people on Twitter have noticed that it is fixed and we have tested it out as well.

Twitter post about villagers being in the museum again

Like most dialogue, different villager types say different things about the exhibits, so it can be fun to hear their thoughts on the exhibits that we have donated so many items to. While villager dialogue is still somewhat lacking compared to previous animal crossing games, some of this dialogue may be less repetitive to more veteran players.

Maple in the museum being afraid of the fossils
Reneigh in the museum making jokes
Video by Crossing Channel on YouTube

What are your thoughts on this bug fix? Did you miss this museum dialogue?


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