Animal Crossing New Horizons – No Update Until November?! (What We Know)

Given the current features added to the 1.11 Update, when should we expect the next Animal Crossing: New Horizons update? Let's try to answer this question!

Our last few updates have included content for August and September, so naturally we are curious when the next update will be! Since these updates were relatively small, we are hoping for a more significant update soon.

Promotional photos from the last 2 updates

Thanks to the help of dataminers, we know that items included in the most recent update seem to include things spanning the months of October and November such as Halloween items and Dia de los Muertos items! All of these items are time locked which means you cannot get them by time traveling, but it is odd that these items are in the code already since Nintendo did not announce these items in their promotional posts.

Datamined items included in the 1.11 Update

Right now we have no answer from Nintendo, but all of these items seem ready to go in the game and it doesn’t seem like Nintendo will add more items than what we can see already. This means that the next update with new content might not happen until November, which means we have a long time to wait for new content. However, it’s probable that Nintendo will release an update in late September to not only have a promotional post on these new items and also reintroduce Halloween. Nintendo might not have announced these items in their current blog post so that players might have some news to look forward to.

Another possibility is that Nintendo is saving these announcements and updates until the Nintendo Direct, which some fans speculate will be around the end of September. This seems pretty likely considering that there have been Nintendo Directs in September before, there are lots of games coming out around that time, and it’s a great time to announce something before the holiday season. Although E3 did not include Animal Crossing announcements, we have seen Animal Crossing announcements at Nintendo Directs in the past. Also, Nintendo Directs are not just used for announcing new games but can also be used to promote updates, especially new larger updates. Given the datamines from the Animal Crossing 1.11 update, it looks like there are a lot of features that Nintendo is working on that could be added.

Nintendo Direct logo

From the Animal Crossing 1.11 update datamine, we know that Nintendo is still actively working on the cafe because of different new variable names. Since this would be a larger update, it would make sense to want to announce something like this at a Nintendo Direct instead of just a blog post. One thing to note though is that this cafe update or larger updates could happen at any time, even years later. For example, the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo update happened 3 years after Animal Crossing: New Leaf came out, so unfortunately it could be years until we see a major update to New Horizons.

Nintendo did also make a post saying that more updates are coming soon, which we don’t think would have happened if it were just a few more items like we have been seeing in these recent updates. This seems to hint that a larger update is coming and we will not have to wait too long, which seems to indicate late September as a good time for an update. If an update doesn’t happen in September then November seems to be a pretty likely guess. Let’s hope we are right about it being a major update!

Video from Crossing Channel on YouTube

When do you think the next update will be? Will it be during the next Nintendo Direct?


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